Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Dreams are Blessings

In my state of Purity
My dreams will become
Blessings for all life on Earth.

-Kelly Voelker

Lights on the Second Floor

The lights on the second floor
In real time glow
Cancelling history
Cancelling woes
The lights on the second floor
Shown onto the street
Passersby notice
Contrast that deletes
The frontier facades
Have seen hopes and dreams fade
Fortunes and bodies
Families and maids
Bare bricks will not cushion
The hardest of lives
The shades were pulled down
Disappointments can't hide
May the Great Plains towns
Offer a simple reward
Attracting angels and
Harmonious landlords.

-Kelly Voelker

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  For me, the lights on the second floor in real time, cancelled out all the disappointments from the past and offered promise for the future.  This particular building with it's visible tenant lights, offered to ignite other tenant lights in the surrounding frontier buildings in this declining frontier business district.

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