Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alcohol Alter

In a corner of a building
Back and near the pools
Is a hidden alter
Worshipped and festooned

Familiar labels facing
Those who sit nearby
Twinkling lights do soften
The bleakness bye and bye

No manners here will govern
What people say and do
Except to keep the seats clean
And pay for food and brew

I felt the draw of warmth here
In my lonely state and bare
But risk and dread can enter
When subscribing to smoke and flares

Here emotions are allowed to vent out
They're burnt the instant of
With laughter or agreement
Or some attention toward thereof

The pressure leaks out naturally
Among those who are here
No judgement ever offered
Just more to match in cheer

I must have left the building
As I have left that plane
Understanding what it offered
Happy to abstain

-Kelly Voelker

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

R.O.T. Rusty Old Tool

A rusty old tool
Dull and aim loose
Sits in the weeds
Hurting some past their boots

These wounds are not accurate
The damage is raw
Healing is painful and
Slow to form o'er

It waits in the weeds
Hurting workers who toil
And it will continue
Until removed from the soil

The tool is obsessed with
Nostalgia and old times
It negates the new
It negates its own crimes

If you know and have hurt from
Some such old tool
Simply stay far away from it
To ponder's for fools.

-Kelly Voelker

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Heart is Leaking

Damaged by attackers
Unseen but so near
My heart took moment
To calculate arrears*

It took pain to reach a verdict
To calculate and see
What was truly broken
What changes there would be

A hundred deeply risen
Sighs let slowly out
Heartache's blood is different
But pools inside as doubt

I let it leak out thickly
Relieving as it spread
Opening the dreaded
Pit within my head

At this level opus**
Management and deed
Are driven automatically
By hostility and greed

My heart is leaking sadness
Disappointment and it's seed
Belief that pure inentions
Protect those most in need

-Kelly Voelker

*arrears -  that which is owed and should have been paid earlier
**opus - large scale. creation

Monday, March 13, 2017

Seeking Freedom and a Meal

The rights of simple humans
Seeking freedom and a meal
Serve pay buy, serve pay buy,
You're late and fees are due
You failed to submit proof of
Your existence in our loop.

-Kelly Voelker

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Prefer Robots

I prefer robots to
Programmed adults
Who corporate speak to me
Who shun those who revolt

I prefer robots to
Bankers and doctors
Real Estate brokers
Accountants and jokers

I prefer robots to
Checkouts and lines
I prefer logic
Than staff management whines

I'd rather have robots
Than be put on hold
To listen to problems
A person disclosed

I'm becoming a robot
No time for down time
Only to work more
On other's timelines.

-Kelly Voelker

Monday, March 6, 2017

Black Mirror

On the crystalline shore
By daylight's focus
My mind plays at
Organizing sandcastles and
Orderly trenches to control
Liquid thought attempting
To control direction
Attempting to make the liquid
Flow towards my will

Under the mercurial moon
The weight of the oceans
In broad strokes and by the
Order of the cosmos
Timely tides perform their duty
Claiming the shores again
Erasing all the wasted thoughts
Erasing all the attempts at order
Refreshing all that trust invisible laws

Blanket my failed attempts to solve
The pointless puzzles of task and design
Soak apart my ability to control
Remind me to gaze upon the divine
Reflections of the blank edge of
Endless emotions and thoughts

It wasn't right that time or the next
It only will be correct at the very moment
The Earth and Moon know
When the shy light shows only
What is necessary
Masking the drama of life and nature
So only the perfection of timeless
Ages is before me
Like a sunset or sunrise
The tides correct and soothe
The pointless toiling of thought

Merit not from details scrolled
On a canvas of shifting sand
Gain from basking in the
Plasma moving 'round me
Under the black mirror of
Mystery and depths unrealized
Kept for another day
As a treasure under the sea.

-Kelly Voelker

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