Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Heart is Leaking

Damaged by attackers
Unseen but so near
My heart took moment
To calculate arrears*

It took pain to reach a verdict
To calculate and see
What was truly broken
What changes there would be

A hundred deeply risen
Sighs let slowly out
Heartache's blood is different
But pools inside as doubt

I let it leak out thickly
Relieving as it spread
Opening the dreaded
Pit within my head

At this level opus**
Management and deed
Are driven automatically
By hostility and greed

My heart is leaking sadness
Disappointment and it's seed
Belief that pure inentions
Protect those most in need

-Kelly Voelker

*arrears -  that which is owed and should have been paid earlier
**opus - large scale. creation

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