Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just a Glass of Burgundy

Just a glass of burgundy
A simple no frills charm
Just a cup of tea please
To initiate the calm

Nothing fancy or illicit
I want only the one
To signal changes coming
So my mind succumbs

Natural age old remedies
Soothing one's own nerves
Needn't be destructive but
Our just deserts.

-Kelly Voelker

illicit - forbidden by law, rules, or custom.
succumb - fail to resist (pressure, temptation, or some other negative force)
just deserts - that which is deserved

Just deserts vs. just desserts

The expression meaning that which is deserved was originally just deserts. The phrase is the last refuge of an obsolete meaning of desert—namely, something that is deserved or merited. But because most modern English speakers are unfamiliar with that old sense of desert, the phrase is often understandably written just desserts.
Using just desserts is not a serious error, and it is much more common than just deserts in 21st-century texts. Some people still consider it wrong, however. Whether to pay this any heed is for each of us to decide for ourselves.

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