Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Anxious Heart

The anxious heart awaits the news
It knows is not far off
The news of sudden heartbreak
The news of sudden dark

The anxious heart knows better
Than to follow other's lead
It knows it's path is forking
It knows not what to heed*

The anxious heart depleted
Experience has left it's mark
On energy expended
Into sure love and to hope

The belief in life's known blueprint
Has had its spending cut
The budget won't approve it
So I'm stuck here in this rut

I don't believe my life is
A government program
I did believe my life was
Given to re-brand

I've created a new station
Fine tuned for better things
Broadcast to the sleeping
Beings soon extinct.

-Kelly Voelker

heed - pay attention to; take notice of

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