Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beyond Reasoning's Sight

The way one lives is practical
Even if it's fun
The way one lives is spherical
Beyond perception spun

The way one lives
Compared to those
Who live much different lives
Is utterly unconnected to
Competition or to drive

Even if coincidence
Joins you as a pair
It doesn't change the difference
Which eludes you unaware

Joined destiny apparent
Can disappear in seconds flat
Or it can provide you escort
Or be your torment or your cat

Characters switch often
Characters can meld
Being co-dependent
Regardless of how you felt

Even memories differ
Or disappear one day
Leaving you with others
Than your companion's account say

No one knows how others
Effect you or your life
It doesn't really matter
It's beyond our reasoning's sight.

-Kelly Voelker

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